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Who Else?

Who else could’ve delivered me out of the unforgiving wilderness?

Who else could’ve helped me in a time of pain and distress?

Who else can make the seasons drift and shift every year?

Who else could’ve made the heavens & earth and rest on day 7?

Who else could’ve put the negros in slavery for 400 years?

Who else could’ve made the great nation of Israel that all nations fear?

Who else could’ve sent their only son to die for the sins of humanity?

Who else could’ve made the 7 heavenly arch angels of good?

Who else can control the good and evil while sustaining all of life?

Who else could’ve created the vast universe?, such a colorful delight

Who will it be to save us from this place of sorrow when it all comes crashing down?  

His name is Yahweh, the first and last who is, was , and always will be the almighty lord.


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