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Royalty you are and you don’t even have the slightest clue
There are countless of fish roaming in the sea but Yahweh chose you
400 years spent in captivity has made you oblivious
Lost only because you’ve forgotten who he is
Like a parent spanking their child, Yahweh punished you tough
But for those who return to the covenant Yahweh will lift you up
Negroes are special, innovative, and unstoppable as a unit
Nature dances when you come together much like instruments of music
Who else can be so special but jewels of the Almighty?
The chains are finally breaking off, no more stress and no more crying
Know that the Lord never left you, he’s always been there for you
You’re royalty children of Israel, with Yahweh’s mighty hand there’s nothing you can’t do



Abstract dark king sketch on textured co
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