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Top 3 Places To Perform Pull Ups

Anyone who lives an active lifestyle with exercising as the core knows how lucrative performing pull ups can be. Ask any fitness guru who lives and breathes a life full of exercise and healthiness and sure enough they will tell you how how beneficial pull ups can be. From the neck down to the waist, pull ups will strengthen the upper body as you lift your body weight upwards. Read along as I list the top 3 places to perform this awesome exercise!

Man in his old age about to perform a pull up.


1. The Gym

It should be of no surprise that the gym would be the first location on the list. Its not just convenience that puts the gym at the top of the list the gym is more than just a place to workout and make gains it is a community that will offer you the opportunity to build relationships, meet new people and even inspire you to not just become better in the gym but in all aspects of your life as well.

Performing pull ups at the gym is also one of the most convenient places for a beginner looking to get started. The gym is full of professional and experienced trainers who can help you to get started by showing you the proper technique and form you should have so that way you have a good quality foundation right from the start, reducing your chances of getting injured. These trainers can also provide you with healthy advice for maintaining a fit lifestyle.

As you can see just by simply placing yourself in an environment like the gym offers the potential for a lot growth both mentally and physically. It may not be the only place to perform a beneficial exercise such as pull ups but its certainly a great place to start.

Male trainer assisting Female in the gym.


2. The Park

Try out your local park. At No.2 on the list the park should come at no surprise. The park is a peaceful, relaxing and overall natural place for you to execute exercises such as pull ups. An added benefit of being here is that the park offers different size variations of their pull up bars to suit your height, size (depending on the type of park you go to) and the style of pull ups that you are executing.

Performing pull ups in the park can also help you to stay more focused during your workout, due to the fact that there aren't as many distractions around you as opposed to being someplace else. So what are you waiting for!? fire up Google Maps and search for the closest park near you now!

Male exercising outdoors.


3. "Home Sweet Home"

Maybe going to the gym or park isn't your type of thing, no problem, you can still reap the benefits of performing pull ups right from the comfort of your own home! all you need is a good quality pull up bar or if your more of the industrious type you can construct your own DIY pull up bar right from home - and if you really want to cut cost just find a tree branch sturdy enough to hold your body weight and voila! you can start practicing right then and there.

By far the best perk of having your own setup at home means that you can get a good quality workout in at your own convenience. No need to cut your valuable workout time short because you live hours away from your nearest gym, or worse because you don't get off work until evening - just when the park is getting ready to close. Having your own equipment (such as a pull bar) means having the luxury of making your own time to workout and put in as much work needed to get those fitness results you've been hoping for!

Final Thoughts

Whether it be the Gym, Park or at Home just know that pull ups offer such immense benefits for your body no matter how old or strong your may be. Pull ups are an overall brilliant asset to add to your regular workout routine and regardless of the place you pick don't miss out on the chance to start achieving your fitness goals by performing this exercise today!